Browsing my pictures, sensibly thinking of which place should I put into words first.. Then I realized why not choose Norway, the country, that opened a hundred more doors of places and opportunities to me. The place where my yearning desire to travel started..


We drove to Trollstigen, probably the most dramatic route we’ve ever been! It is a serpentine mountain road that consists of 11 hairpin bends that led us to the majestic Norwegian nature.


As they say, the best views comes after the hardest climb. True enough, I was in awe, lost for words. 14054114_10207083911399696_7557861227776070751_n14089092_10207083917079838_6243112340142582264_n14102270_10207083916479823_4614089933380198118_n14102309_10207083913159740_2764710699970946409_n14039980_10207083906119564_1971257089863595057_n

After a total of 7 hours of driving, we finally made it to Geiranger (Gay-ranger), a tourist village in Western Norway. So beautiful!!



Staying in Fossen Camping, made us appreciate even more, this UNESCO heritage site.



Sure thing that it is pricey and maybe unpractical to visit Norway, where there is a lot more other options, which is more popular and touristy. Yet, would you not like to visit a place that is untouched and spotless? Visit My Norway, Mitt Norge 🙂



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