If not for cheap food and shopping… maybe never again! 

First, we were the only asians who landed in Warsaw from Oslo. While everybody was on a fast track and could go in and out of the airport freely, we were stopped. They got our passports and visas, we waited for 5-10 minutes until everything was settled. Well, they say it was a random check. Yea right! 

Good enough that we checked in at Warsaw Marriott Hotel, we were treated nicely. The hotel is very central like the Zlote Tarasy, Palace of Culture and Science are just 2 minute  walk. 

Moving on, one of the perks of staying in a  centrally located hotel is a nearby KFC. Excuse us for patronizing this fastfood too much but as I told you before, its a priority! Hahaha! 

The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland. The palace is often used as venue for concerts, theater, cinemas, sports and maybe anything under the sun.

We relaxed at our hotel for hours, for good long hours 😊 Til we finally decided where to have dinner that night.  

Restauracja Dom Polski

I am not being exaggerated but the treatment was not as pleasing or friendly in refer to the other guests(white). We were the only Asians again. 

Frankly speaking, I am not as generous as my boyfriend in giving tip. In fact, I rarely give(my friends as well)! And this made our situation even worst. Hahaha! After paying, we waited and maybe reprimanded for our change, I can’t remember exactly how much was our change but I guess we wouldn’t wait that long if it was not big enough. The servers were like staring at us as if they wanted us to leave. Ok fine! Edi sa inyo na 😊 

In terms of food, it was actually delicious and they have various choices which was appetizing. Well compromised in terms of service and dishes. Hahaha! 

Because of our encounters the whole day, we chose to end our night at our hotel where we felt like the safest place for us. We capped off the night at Marriott’s Panorama Sky Bar. Thumbs up for their five star drinks and awesome place!

Another day, another challenge.

 Since we did not try the metro or bus on our 1st day we have zero idea on our 2nd day. 

On the metro station, a minute from our hotel, we tried to buy tickets but nobody entertained us. As in nobody. Every time we speak our first english words they were like ‘NO ENGLISH, NO TICKET!’ Oh my! Very distressing! We even went to a kiosk to buy since it was also an option, but we we’re kicked out! Until…

Like a shining armor, this good looking Polish guy (I supposed) went for our rescue,  he helped us and bought our tickets. The very first good samaritan in our whole trip! We can’t thank him enough! Really! 

We jumped in a bus and yet again, NO ENGLISH!  The driver was trying to explain something that we just did not understand. Until we were kicked out again and again! Haahahha!! 

Patience is a virtue. We waited for a kind looking, approachable driver. After prayers and faith that the right one will come along, it did came! 😊

We arrived at the beautiful Old Town. I must say, its one of the few Old Towns that is truly admirable. The pastel colors and buildings gave justice to the beauty of the Old era. 

The Royal Castle is also in the Old Town. Since it was a Sunday, tickets were free! Here, we were also treated nicely.

Just like any other castle, it was grand and truly royal. 

When we got bored of the castle, we went to Arkadia for some money spending. Arkadia is the largest mall in Poland.

When I say, I enjoyed the place. I really do! Thats why, we came back at Panorama Sky Bar for another incredible night.

 (I thank Him for giving me good friends whom I can share wonderful and priceless memories!😊)

Since a half day was not enough for the whole Arkadia, we went back for another shopping galore! Well, the prices were really a bargain every time I get out of Norway! 

I don’t want to close my doors to Poland or even Warsaw but I’ve never experienced this or anything close to this, anywhere. Maybe it was nothing but really just random and maybe ‘next time’ will be much better. I hope so.


Gwendolyn πŸ’•


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