In time for winter olympics is my first ski experience. A double celebration: MJ’s 32nd birthday and me finally having the courage to try Norwegian’s #1 sport.

Kongsberg is our point of destination since its only 1hr and 40 mins from Oslo. They have they’re own ski center. Peaceful and isolated. True enough, we had the car and cabin unlocked during our stay yet everything was untouched the whole time.

We booked our cabin thru AirBnb.

It was the best one in Kongsberg! Great host, cozy chalet and has a soothing mood that I needed.

We went for cross-country ski (langrennsløyper) because we will never try high slopes! Maybe before but now, never!! Hahaha!

I wanted to write our whole ski experience but its a combination of awfulness, embarrassing and of course fun. Moments that I want to keep in ourselves and store up in our archives of memories.

Shout to my MJ for being very patient in taking all my pictures, projecting with me , for sponsoring my new cam, for granting my wish on your birthday and most especially for being in my life even if the world tried and trying so hard to put us apart 💕



Gwendolyn 💕

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